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About Us

As Dumanlar Investment, we have incorporated projects representing aesthetics, trust, quality and comfort in the construction sector in which we operate since 2003.

In past years Çamlık Sitesi (144 flats-160 cars parking), Designers Site (52 apartments), Young Entrepreneurs Site (19 apartments), Asos Houses (10 villas), Canakkale Gelibolu Nature Houses (30 villas), Designers Business Center (45 villas) home office-6 commercial) and A Plus Mansions (14 villas) completed our projects and met with our customers.

While Dumanlar Investment continues its journey with its planned plan and success, Özyurtlar Holding has undertaken and completed NTepe Residence in 2009, NTowers, Nmerkez in 2010, Özyurtlar Residence in 2011 and Nşehir Esenyut in 2011 as contractor.

Continuing its uninterrupted activities, Dumanlar Investment Ntepe in 2011, Ntowers in 2012, Nehir Lüleburgaz in 2013, Nresidence in 2014, Ntown, Nmerkez, Nmerkez in 2015, Ncadde Business, Nşehir Esenyurt, N5 Suites in 2016, Ncadde Agora, 1Coastalcity, Nlive Bahçeşehir, 2018 Nlogo 1st Stage delivered the 2019 Ncadde Hayat projects. In addition to the delivered projects, Ncadde Ateş has continued to be the contractor company of Özyurtlar Holding, which has projects such as Corner Nlogo 2nd Stage and Ncadde Ottoman.

In this process, our quality and the satisfaction of our valued customers to make it important is our greatest success policy.

Why Dumanlar ?

Sturdy Structures

The longevity of our structures is one of our main principles. In order to challenge our buildings for many years in all of our projects, the highest quality materials have always been used in its construction.

A Natural Environment

We don't lock you in concrete walls in our smoke projects! Natural green areas and hiking areas and the area you live with nature to create this feeling we are working to bring you.

Social Activities

Don't go too far to spend time meeting your neighbors, relatives or friends. Fumes A.P. as it is very important for us to create social activity areas in our projects.


Health comes first, to stay fit and to live healthy you need to do sports. Fumes A.P. sports as the areas (Fitness, basketball court v.b) it is our choice to add to our projects.

Play Parks

Fumes A.P. as our goal is to make playgrounds and parks where our children can run and have fun, play games with their friends and make new friends and spend pleasant times.

Easy Transportation

Fumes A.P. as well as the quality and safety of our buildings, another important feature is that their transportation is easy. It is our priority to be within walking distance of Metrobus, metro or tramway

Lucrative Investment

If you are an investor and you are looking for a reliable source of investment smokes A.P. the projects made by are the most suitable places for this work. It is our choice to carry the high prestige of the regions in the projects we are building.

High Security

Fumes A.P. our priority in all our projects is the safety of our people's lives and property. Our structures are monitored 24/7 with security cameras and this impression is supported by our staff